Aerosol Icons

El Slavador Cross

For what seems like forever European theology has been bound up in words and often only in words. And yet the icon of Jesus above reminds us of the power of the picture…reaching the parts words just can’t touch and expressing a truth beyond language. Orthodox Christians have known for centuries that we are drawn into a depth of engagement with Christ in an icon, almost becoming part of the story ourselves. The power of an image can summarise a revolution, resistance and uprising…

Graffiti Art Trip 015

But what about now? What about the city where religious imagery has ceased to be meaningful for millions; the city where images of Che Guevara and Martin Luther King are more likely to adorn T-shirts than stimulate action for justice? Might it be that a new ‘post-book-bound’ spirituality, a new iconography is awaiting us within the contradictory world of graffiti? Alongside the tags and expletives is there a new set of graffiti-gospels pregnant with meaning but ignored, misunderstood or white-washed over? If we have eyes to see then a whole new world of meaning beckons us….Are we ready to see?

graffiti art 4


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