Radical Christianity & Liberation Theology


A powerful, provocative and challenging video exploring radical Christianity and liberation theology by Oxford theologian Chris Rowland.

Is it possible that we are witnessing the re-emergence of radical Christianity in the UK? That’s one of the things I explore in my new book ‘A Theology of Community Organizing’ (2013). What might liberation theology have to say to a superdiverse post-religious society that is being torn apart by a government that masks an ideological neo-liberalism under the banner of a the ‘big society’ and ‘caring’ Conservatism?



A Theology of Community Organizing

It took me almost three years to write but my new book ‘A Theology of Community Organizing’ (Routledge) is finally out….Political theory and social movement studies meets action research and liberation theology……Have a read – and let me know what you think….It’s even out as an e-book so nice and easy to read without lugging a heavy hardback book around!

Globalising Dissent