Women and Islam – A Different Take

In recent years a lots of ink has been spent debating the relationship between Islam and British identity. Much of it has implicitly reflected the ‘clash of civilisations’ thesis popularised by Samuel Huntingdon in his 1996 – ‘Islam’ and the ‘West’ are somehow incompatible. Stop for just a few moments and we realise how flawed such a perspective is. And yet it has gained political and cultural traction in the UK. Here is another, different take from two different videos –  ‘Make me a Muslim’ charts working class British women and the Lauren Booth video tells of the conversion of an affluent professional woman, the sister in law of Tony Blair. Have a watch and see what you think. Don’t see either as the last word but use it to develop a broader and more nuanced view of one of the key issues of our age…

Muslim Britain

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