Queer Theolgy – Critique of Capitalism, Patriarchy and Homophobia

Indecent Theology

The Argentinian liberation theologian Marcella Althaus-Reid challenged the ‘first wave’ of Latin American liberation theologians like Gutierrez, Boff and Sobrino to broaden their gaze and deepen their analysis of oppression and liberation to encompass homophobia and sexism.

This blog post by Alejandro Escalante from Union Theological Seminary in New York on the blog ‘Per Caritatem’ summarises and reflects on the challenging legacy of Althaus-Reid who died in 2009.

‘Marcella María de los Angeles Althaus was born in Rosario, Argentina (the birth place of Marxist Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, as she would often remind people) on May 11, 1952. Living in and around the poorest of countries in the Americas and amongst its people, Althaus-Reid was shaped both by her experience…..’

Carry on reading….


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