What Role For Religion In Public Life?


What role should faith groups play in civil society politics? In a society where a majority of people do not belong to any faith community should faith groups leave ‘politics’ to the ‘politicians’ or do they have an obligation to translate theological values into grassroots political activism?

This video from 2014 explores this question in some depth…..’The Role of Religion in Public Life’. What do you think?


Research for Social Change


We are often told that research methodology is [or should be] ‘value free’. Such a perspective flies in the face of the recent recognition that whenever we write, research or teach we express the values that guide our lives – this is often refereed to as our ‘standpoint’. Such reflexivity shapes our work whether we acknowledge it or not. For those of us [including myself] who are committed to progressive and liberative theologies ‘Action Research’ methodology offers the perfect model of social research. Here is a short video clip introducing such research for social change.