Desmond Tutu Was Right

‘At the height of the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu confessed that he was confused about which Bible people were reading when they said that religion and politics do not mix. The Archbishop was right: religion and politics do mix, no matter what hardened secularists might assert about a public sphere free from religion. The more important questions to ask are, ‘what kind of religion and what kind of politics?’’

As the 2017 UK General Election unfolded I wrote this short article about faith and politics for Open Democracy…..Carry on reading if you’d like



Zombie Multiculturalism….

Academics and activists, preachers and politicians have got a lot to learn from movies like ‘Dawn of the Dead’ because the debate surrounding multiculturalism is littered by zombies…To find out more carry on reading my new article just published in the journal ‘Culture and Religion’.


Radical Christianity & Liberation Theology


A powerful, provocative and challenging video exploring radical Christianity and liberation theology by Oxford theologian Chris Rowland.

Is it possible that we are witnessing the re-emergence of radical Christianity in the UK? That’s one of the things I explore in my new book ‘A Theology of Community Organizing’ (2013). What might liberation theology have to say to a superdiverse post-religious society that is being torn apart by a government that masks an ideological neo-liberalism under the banner of a the ‘big society’ and ‘caring’ Conservatism?