Researching Religion and Diversity


Researching religion and diversity in the  twenty-first century city just got a lot easier. Two excellent resources worth checking out are –

In a majority urban world where communities are increasingly interlinked and fluid and religious faith an ever more significant player in local, national and global politics such resources are invaluable. See what you think…



The Power of Ideas


The urban studies theorist Manuel Castells argued that even the most powerful state cannot keep people in check when ‘minds are mobilised’. The liberation educator Paulo Freire called this ‘conscientisation’ or ‘critical awareness’ and the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci part of the long ‘cultural war of position’. In the Christian Gospels Jesus suggests that truth sets people free and urges his followers to ‘ask, seek and knock’….Here are just a few web based resources for us all as we seek that truth and the mobilised minds of which Castells speaks –