Knitting Civil Society?

Yarn and knitting needles_1

It was like the bad old days in the 1980s in the months when the cuddly [hardly ‘Marxists’ which is what one Tory MInister called them!] Anglican Bishops brought our their ‘Faith in the City’ report – Keep out of ‘politics’ and stick to ‘saving souls’ we were told. And then New Labour and the Tories discovered that faith groups could ‘deliver’ community cohesion and a ‘big society’ [in the days before the Coalition cuts bit and the David Cameron’s ‘big society’ network threw away pots of public money and the ‘big society’ died]….

And now the new ‘Civil Society’ government Minister [Brooks Newmark] tells charities to ‘stick to knitting’ and to keep out of ‘politics’ – Try to rewind the clock if you want Mr Newmark but the civil society genie is out of the bottle – Religion and politics do mix – they have to if people of faith are motivated by a vision of a better more equal society where the outsiders and left out come first. I’ve written about this relationship in my 2013 book ‘A Theology of Community Organizing’

Al Barrett is an Anglican Minister on a large housing estate in the city of Birmingham in the UK. Read what he has to say about ‘knitting’ and politics by clicking on ‘This Estate We’re In’…..


A Theology of Community Organizing

It took me almost three years to write but my new book ‘A Theology of Community Organizing’ (Routledge) is finally out….Political theory and social movement studies meets action research and liberation theology……Have a read – and let me know what you think….It’s even out as an e-book so nice and easy to read without lugging a heavy hardback book around!

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