Conferences, Workshops and Lectures

At the heart of my work is a commitment to engaged research and teaching that resource those working for social justice. My teaching, workshops & guest lectures take me beyond the often disengaged world of the academy into the city I know and love. For me education, like theology, needs to be characterised by a commitment to liberation. Some of my recent talks, workshops and conference presentations include –

  • May 2016 – ‘Immanuel Kant Believed in Zombies!’ (Postcolonial Theology Conference, University of Manchester)
  • March 2016 – ‘Community Organising and Inter-faith Activism’ (Quaker Social Justice Conference, Woodbrooke College, Birmingham)
  • November 2015 – ‘BME Students and Racism in Higher Education’ (Warwick University)
  • April 2015 – ‘Can the city produce good citizens?’ (Self and the City Conference, University of Manchester)
  • March 2015 – ‘I believe in God but He doesn’t live round here’ (Cotteridge Ecumenical Church, Birmingham)
  • June 2014 – ‘Church as a Movement for the Excluded’ (Liverpool Diocese of the Church of England)
  • April 2014 – ‘N.E.E.T Believers? Social Exclusion and Graffiti Spiritualities’ (Religions and Theology Department, University of Manchester)
  • February 2014 – ‘Multiculturalism in the City’ (Xaverian 6th Form College, Manchester)
  • June 2013: ‘Urban Spiritualities in the 21st Century’ (Ripon Anglican Theological College, Cuddesdon).
  • April 2013: ‘Believing in the City – Finding Faith in the 21st Century’ (Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol)
  • November 2012:  ‘NEET or Not? Graffiti Art, Social Exclusion and   Spirituality’, (Conference of Progressive Jewish Rabbis, Woodbrooke College, Birmingham)
  •  June 2012: ‘Graffiti Art and Youth Spirituality’ (University of Birmingham Community Day)
  •  June 2012:   ‘Looking for a NEET Spirituality’ – ‘The State we’re in – Issues of Social Justice’ (Jewish-Christian Relations Study Day, Singers Hill Synagogue, Birmingham)
  •  June 2012: ‘Social Exclusion and Hip-Hop Spirituality’ (King Edwards School for Girls, Birmingham)
  •  May 2012:  ‘Graffiti Spiritualities’, Student Methodist Society University of Birmingham.
  •  March 2012:  ‘Bromford Dreams – Social Exclusion and Graffiti Spiritualities’, University of Birmingham.
  •  January 2012:  ‘British-Muslim Youth Identities in the Third Space’, Islamic Studies Seminar, University of Birmingham.
  •  November 2011: ‘Looking for a N.E.E.T Spirtituality’, American Academy of Religion, San Francisco
  • June 2011:  ‘Believing in Bromford’, The Hub youth centre, Bromford Birmingham.
  • April 2011: ‘Social Exclusion and Youth Spiritualities on Urban Housing Estates’, British Sociological Association conference, London
  • November 2010:  ‘Picturing Faith in the City’, Birmingham Urban Theology Forum
  •  April 2010: ‘Negotiating Faith on the Coventry Road: British Muslim Youth Identities in the Fourth World’, American Association of Geographers, Washington DC
  • November 2009:  ‘‘Families and Neighbourliness: A Postcard from the Community’, Faiths for the City: Making a Difference Conference, University of Birmingham.
  •  July 2008: Institute for Urban Theology: Key-note speaker: Urban Theology: A Critique, Urban Theology Unit, Sheffield.
  • July 2008:  International Summer School on Religion in Public Life, Birmingham: Key-note speaker: ‘Community Organising as Faith Action for Social Justice’.

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